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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 09:57

The laws are also there for parental rights. They have a right to know if their child is having an abortion simply because it is an invasive and dangerous procedure. The right of parents to raise their children the way that they want is fundamental to this discussion. The Court has directly interpreted that the right of parents to raise their children also include the right to counsel their children on things like this, abortion or the possibility of abortion. It is clear that these serve the interest of the state in protecting the rights of parents.

Parents' Role In Abortion Of Minors: An Essay Sample

Of all the abortion-related policy issues facing decision-makers in this country today, parental consent or notification before a minor may obtain an abortion is one of the most difficult. Few would deny that most teenagers, especially ones, would benefit from adult guidance when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Few would deny that such guidance ideally should come from the teenager&apos s parents. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. For a variety of reasons, including fear of parental maltreatment or abuse, teenagers frequently cannot tell their parents about their pregnancies or planned abortions.

Abortion and Parental Involvement Laws - Advocates for Youth

* Millions of children live with a single parent subsequent to divorce. In 7555, 59 percent of single parents with children under the age of 68 were divorced or separated (. Census Bureau, 7556b). A study found that one-third of divorced fathers had no contact with their

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Parental involvement in the laws that are important for the safety, welfare, and health of minors is extremely important. The USSC has seen that minors seeking abortions are a somewhat unique set of concerns that may require certain additional legal protections that will address concerns without alienating the people that they are trying to help.

* Requiring that teenagers either obtain notarized evidence that parents have been notified or present a death certificate for a deceased parent may present impossible logistical barriers, lead to breaches of confidentiality for parents and teenagers, or cause serious delay.

* Of those minors who did not inform their parents of their abortions, 85 percent had histories of violence in their families, feared the occurrence of violence, or were afraid of being forced to leave their homes.

In the 89 states with laws in effect that mandate the involvement of at least one parent in the abortion decision, teenagers who cannot tell their parents must either travel out of state or obtain approval from a judge -- known as a judicial bypass procedure -- to obtain an abortion. The result is almost always a delay that can increase both the cost of the abortion and the physical and emotional health risk to the teenager, since an earlier abortion is a safer one (Paul, et al., 6999).

Moreover, even if a teenager is able and willing to involve one or both parents, the procedures required by some state parental consent or notification laws make compliance impossible or difficult.

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