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Use two highlighters to identify A) evidence and B) explanation of evidence within a high-performing exemplar. Repeat the process with a low-performing exemplar. Compare the visual effect. Now repeat the same process with the student&rsquo s own essay. Have the student write a plan of action that assesses his/her work in comparison to the exemplars and proposes specific actions for what he/she should do to improve his/her writing.

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Use a collection of exemplars with a variety of scores as the basis for a professional learning community. Discuss with colleagues: How do these compare to the work our students are producing? What would we need to do instructionally to help our students meet these expectations?

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Choose an Informative exemplar text that clearly demonstrates a biased viewpoint or definitive opinion. Have students identify the words and phrases that demonstrate the author&rsquo s bias, and revise those sentences to present the information objectively.

For Achieved, the student needs to analyse aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close viewing and/or listening, supported by evidence.               

Present students with a low-scoring exemplar, one with particularly bland or poor word choices. Have students work in pairs to identify key places where language could be improved. Consider allowing students to use a thesaurus. Once pairs have made substitutions, join them into groups of four. Together, identify and discuss the common poor word choices selected. Share substitutions and discuss the rationale for these changes. Each group should come to consensus about the improved word choices and submit to the teacher for rescoring. Afterwards, have individual writers replicate the process with a piece of their own writing and come back together to share and evaluate new language choices.

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Share the highest scoring exemplar and identify the key components. Compare this exemplar to a lower scoring exemplar and pinpoint which key elements are missing. Have students revise individually or in groups to improve the lower scoring exemplar.

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