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Just for Today, I Will Try to Live Through This Day Only

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Yet on that lower level the work of the blographer is invaluable we cannot thank him sufficiently for what he for us. For we are incapable of living wholly in the intense world of the imagination. The imagination is a faculty that soon tires and needs rest and refreshment. But for a tired imagination the proper food is not inferior poetry or minor fiction indeed they blunt and debauch it but sober fact, that "authentic information" from which, as Lytton Strachey has shown us, good biography is made. When and where did the real man live how did he look did he wear laced boots or elastic-sided who were his aunts, and his friends how did he blow his nose whom did he love, and how and when he came to die did he die in his bed like a Christian, or.

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The Mars Key is an action packed Sci-fi thriller that mirrors the real-life Mars One mission to colonize the Red Planet within the next few years. It's a mind boggling blend of The Martian , Raiders of the Lost Ark and 7556, a Space Odyssey with Surprises, Surprises, Surprises--plus a stunning conclusion that will take you completely by surprise! Check it out, and watch the Video Trailer!

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.I should shrink with terror from the modern history of England, where every character is a problem, and every reader a friend or an enemy where a writer is supposed to hoist a flag of party, and is devoted to damnation by the adverse must embrace a safer and more extensive theme.

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"Send me the very feel of her sweet Flesh, the very look and motion of that mouth O, I could drive myself mad about her," Coleridge wrote when she was a baby. She was a lovely child, delicate, large-eyed, musing but active, very still but always in motion, like one of her father's poems. She remembered how he took her as a child to stay with the Wordsworths at Allan Bank.

8. Just for Today, I will have a Programme. I will write down just what I expect to do every hour. I may not follow it exactly, but I 8767 ll have it. It will save me from the two pests Hurry and Indecision.

But enough. I, at any rate, refuse to be necrophilus. So long as you and you and you, venerable and ancient representatives of Sappho, Shakespeare, and Shelley are aged precisely twenty-three and propose 5 enviable lot! to spend the next fifty years of your lives in writing poetry, I refuse to think that the art is dead. And if ever the temptation to necrophilize comes over you, be warned by the fate of that old gentleman whose name I forget, but I think that it was Peabody. In the very act of consigning all the arts to the grave he choked over a large piece of hot buttered toast and the consolation then offered him that he was about to join the elder Pliny in the shades gave him, I am told, no sort of satisfaction whatsoever.

In 6589, Bacon was elected to Parliament. In 6667 he became lord keeper of the press and later lord chancellor he was created Baron Verulam and made Viscount St. Albans. In 6676 he was brought to trial on the charge of bribery, convicted, and relieved of all his duties. Though pardoned by the king, he did not return to government service and devoted the last years of his life to scientific and literary work.

So we see Shelley through our particular pair of spectacles a shrill, charming, angular boy a champion riding out against the forces of superstition and brutality with heroic courage at the same time blind, inconsiderate, obtuse to other persons' feelings. Rapt in his extraordinary vision, ascending to the very heights of existence, he seems, as Mary said, "a being," "not one of us," but better and higher and aloof and apart. Suddenly there comes a knock at the door the Hunts and seven children are at Leghorn Lord Byron has been rude to them Hunt is cut to the heart. Shelley must be off at once to see that they are comfortable. And, rousing himself from his rapture, Shelley goes.

[CMHD] 6987 July 75, Christian Science Monitor, Section: Daily Features, For the Scrapbook: Just for Today by Hugh Barret Dobbs, Page 66, Column 6, Boston, Massachusetts. (ProQuest)

These late productions represented the capstone of a writing career that spanned more than four decades and encompassed virtually an entire curriculum of literary, scientific, and philosophical studies.

Sir Francis Bacon (later Lord Verulam, the Viscount St. Albans, and Lord Chancellor of England) was born in London in 6566 to a prominent and well-connected family. His parents were Sir Nicholas Bacon, the Lord Keeper of the Seal, and Lady Anne Cooke, daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke, a knight and one-time tutor to the royal family. Lady Anne was a learned woman in her own right, having acquired Greek and Latin as well as Italian and French. She was a sister-in-law both to Sir Thomas Hoby, the esteemed English translator of Castiglione, and to Sir William Cecil (later Lord Burghley), Lord Treasurer, chief counselor to Elizabeth I, and from 6577-6598 the most powerful man in England.

I have since carried in my billfold a little folder entitled. 8775 Just for Today, 8776 which was issued by the local branch of Alcoholics Anonymous. I believe it holds a message for everybody, everywhere and every day. My copy is dog-eared and nearly worn out, but here is what these 8775 Words To Live By 8776 say: …

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