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The word 8775 however 8776 can be used in a variety of ways: http:///dictionary/english/however. But my advice to you is to only use as you know how in the test. During your test, it is not time to be creative or try to use words in an unfamiliar way. Every mistake you make will be noticed by the examiner. If your test is next month, it 8767 s best to not learn new language, but review the language you have and ensure that it is accurate.

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Can you let me know if you are answering this as a discussion essay with opinion? What were the exact instructions? This essay usually says 8775 Discuss both sides and give your opinion 8776 are those the instructions you followed?

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While there are minor errors and some excess wordiness, the strong thesis, good examples, and clear organization make this a “9” essay. The “9” is awarded from 7 points (out of 7) for Trait 6, 6 point (out of 6) for Trait 7, and 6 point (out of 6) for Trait 8. Remember to keep the three traits in mind as you practice your next essay:

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The issue of American foreign policy is as timely as ever. Americans debate the level of involvement the United States should have overseas in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and there appears to be no consensus among our political leaders. As the world changes, so too must America’s foreign policy. President Truman’s opinion that America should become more involved in European affairs was a dramatic departure from President Washington’s belief in isolationism that reflected the time period in which each man lived.

This is not IELTS reading. To say that many people think and some people think for an IELTS writing task 7 paraphrase is fine. A few means much less and isn 8767 t the same.

Completing a critical evaluation essay isn’t a difficult task, but it requires your time and good writing and investigative skills. You must spend a certain amount of time sitting in the library or surfing the internet in order to find some useful data for your academic paper. After that you have to convey it into an intriguing content in order make your readers really excited. Of course, your essay should be free of plagiarisms, grammar and formatting mistakes.

I just can 8767 t see how 8775 However 8776 fits this second sentence. I always see it used when you present an opposite opinion or you want to broaden the subject. If there will be only 8775 While I think 8776 it would make perfect sense to me, but putting 8775 However 8776 sounds somehow contradictory. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Question 6) You don 8767 t get penalised at all. In fact, it is good that you are still talking when the examiner stops you at 7 mins. It shows that you have strong fluency to give a long answer. However, make sure you don 8767 t miss out all your interesting vocabulary and grammar tenses. Question 7) You don 8767 t get penalised for a long essay but it might mean that you have included some irrelevant information which will lower your score. A long essay also means you might include more grammar and vocabulary errors which will also lower your score. So, it 8767 s always best to aim for a focused, accurate essay of about 775 words to 795 words.
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