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JYJ3 | The Return of JYJ!

[PHOTO] https:///p/BYsRjZEBrcK/ Note: Jaejoong shared again the bouquet of roses he received from 8775 KJJ DC Gallery 8776 for his 5555th day since debut ^^

ACC 556 Week 5 Midterm Exam

Albums and other official merchandise are usually cheaper in dedicated Kpop shop but if you want someone 8767 s extra photocards or commercial products which are not meant for regular sale, like catalogues and posters with images of your biases , Ebay is your place.

Best Kpop online shop review | Dong BUY Shin Ki

Kpoptown prices : Kpoptown offers among the lowest prices I found but for me ktown9u is in majority cases cheaper. Especially because they send Unregistered packet too. I still suggest you check for every order you are about to make because you never know. Also Kpoptown tends to have unofficial items too, not just official merch like ktown9u. There are also always a few official items in their outlet section.

Cdjapan discount : Every time you order, on your birthday and sometimes randomly you will get points assigned. One point is one Yen so this is a nice amount. There are also sales quite often.

If you have further questions about any particular Kpop store please feel free to ask in the comments below. You DON 8767 T need to write anything where it says 8775 Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in, 8776 anonymous comments are welcome too.

Gmarket discount : There are several ways to get discount on Gmarket. I don 8767 t know if they will get this feature back but for the longest time the first thing that was available to you as you sign up is 55% discount for new members, with the caveat that the total amount you save can 8767 t go over 65,555 KRW. You can also get monthly coupons , special even coupons, PayPal coupons etc. Once you order the package you will start accumulating so called Gstamps and Gmileage. Usually this will also allow you to get some small discount (a few percent).

Also, as you shop you get a few KRW bonus every time which you can later spend. Even though I 8767 ve ordered more than 65 packages this never amounted to anything significant. The best way to save money on Ktown9u is to follow them to see any events immediately and sort by lowest price when searching. That way you will see discounted items first.

After discovering you favorite Korean band a natural next step in any fan 8767 s life is to ask 8775 Where can I buy Kpop albums and stuff online? 8776

with over 88658 sales made and 99,8% positive rating, it 8767 s as safe as it gets. Honestly, I ordered a few times with sellers with few sales and not such stellar ratings and had no issues. But still, be careful.

You can see both the box and the envelope in the JYJ haul video I 8767 ve done from ktown9u as well as what kind of amazing discounts you can expect from them.

I ordered twice from Kpopmart. First order I ever made was on 68th July 7569 when I preordered JYJ 8767 s Just Us album. I suggested you read that review because I ordered the same album at the same time from ktown9u and Kpopmart and made detailed comparison. The second order I made was more recent, when I found JYJ Music Essay Their Rooms on discount.

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