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Complex post traumatic stress disorder (complex ptsd, pdsd

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:05

Helms reflects on his time with ‘The Daily Show,’ and how the country has become even more divided why he’s satirizing cable news and his uncanny resemblance to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The Google Memo: What Does the Research Say About Gender

You are quite right that Google 8767 s candidate-pool is not representative of the general population. That 8767 s actually a point in favor of Damore 8767 s conclusions, because in many relevant traits such as mathematical reasoning and even raw IQ scores, the male sub-population exhibits a higher variance than the female.

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8775 Humans are allergic to change. They love to say, 8775 We 8767 ve always done it this way. 8776 I try to fight that. That 8767 s why I have a clock on my wall that runs counter-clockwise. 8776 -Grace Hopper (US Navy admiral and inventor of the first compiler for computer languages)

Personal Narrative: Our Brains Process Stories Expressing

Few people realise that trauma and psychiatric injury can be more devastating and long-lasting than physical injury. Traumatic events strike unexpectedly turning everyday experiences upside-down and destroying the belief that &lsquo it could never happen to me&rsquo .

Sorry, you are right. I skimmed too fast last night. At any rate, women are much closer to men in verbal than in math. Seems like a reasonable interpretation is that:
a) women underperform in testing but overperform in the classroom and
b) women are relatively stronger, relative to men, at verbal vs. math but
c) the differences aren 8767 t enormous, and they change with average vs. tail-end of distribution

The answer is complicated, because it depends not on whose sources (Worster’s or Bonnifield’s) are better, or who offers a better argument. Both Worster and Bonnifield have set out to tell a particular story about the Dust Bowl, and each is expressing a particular set of values. Each writer is employing a separate narrative to describe the same event each is essentially telling a story about something that actually happened, but the stories they have chosen to tell are quite different. Each employs evidence, and some of that evidence may even be the same for both arguments, but the resulting narratives are quite different.

Traumatic stress under-recognised
5% of males and 65% of females will develop PTSD in their lifetime says the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE): http:///6/hi/health/

I agree, and thank you for writing this. I was raised on the right (pretty extreme Christian conservative) but have converted to an independent centrist because of reason, philosophy, and science. Hysterical people on the right need to realize they make the situation worse with their own dogma and direct antagonism of the left. Getting everyone 8767 s emotions riled up makes it extremely difficult for people to come to the center, and increases polarization. If only the whole world would start practicing mindfulness meditation daily

Don 8767 t you think the economist article would have been better served by moral elevation as opposed to moral disgust? Even though the current political climate is sadly loaded with moral disgust, I must admit I 8767 ve been disgusted by all the moral disgust at Damore 8767 s memo. Sure it was amateurish for a variety of reasons, but I just don 8767 t get why it was so disgusting, even though the media told me that was what I was supposed to think. It does seem to be an example of groupthink, in my opinion. Group think is hard to avoid, of course, even among scientists and critical thinkers. Recognizing the difficult is part of critical thinking.

That same idea echoed as a warning to Israel throughout the Old Testament, the temptation to assume that success was the result of human effort and skill (Deut 8:66-75, Josh 7:8). The fact that it is repeated so often, in both Testaments, should itself be a significant warning to us, and to potential leaders. In this sense, the commissioning narrative, even as a culturally shaped literary structure, becomes a significant theological confession.

I understand that our migration from Africa is relatively recent in evolutionary terms, so the evolutionary pressures were shared between all humans for a long, long time. This is where the commonality across cultures comes from. (I welcome more insight on this.)

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