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How to Make a Landform Project: Three Ideas

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 20:03

Now let’s think about what we can measure as a QUANTITATIVE outcome (. it has to result in a number) :
• Total number of kernels popped/un-popped
• Percentage of kernels that popped (or not)
• Volume of popcorn produced
• Weight of popcorn produced
• Maximum size of individual popped corn
• Average size of popped corn

Science Fair - Articulated Hand < $20: 10 Steps (with

8 brands, 8 trials of each. Total popcorn divided by unpopped kernels. Get %ages and graph the results.
Hypothesis would be based on research of what 8767 s the most popular brand.


Start with 8775 Getting Started 8776 and look at the basic designs of the popcorn projects I have with this post. PICK ONE thing to test and one thing to measure for a simple project.

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Okay, so I need to know what the independent and dependent variables are. Is the independent variable the items you pick up and the dependent variable is how much each item weighs?

Rather than trying to work out specific lengths for the various finger bones, we just decided to make them all the same. We setup the chop saw with a stop block and C clamp to lock in the length.

I believe this is a demonstration of animatronics, I've tried to make one of these out of a coat hanger and some aquarium tubes but it didn't go so well, hopefully this time it will. I'm in the 8th grade too, except i was home schooled up until now so i know a lot more than I should.

Therefore, I recommend you declare the microwave method as the control because it is probably the most common and it is the one that determined how many kernels you would use in the other two trials. You can keep your question the same, but clearly state the way you are going to address the question is to do the microwave method first, determine the kernel #, then test the other two methods and compare the results to the microwave results.

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