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Oh my goodness, your story gave me chills and made me teary! How beautiful. Sometimes we need to 8766 see 8767 things in order to believe them. Don 8767 t feel too bad about giving your mom a hard time before that 8767 s the past and now you 8767 re a believer! So glad your Uncle was able to reach out to you that way. I LOVE IT!

The significance and value discovered through name meanings.

Since having read that story in the paper I have come to the same conclusion That finding dimes is a sign from a loved one who has passed on, and that we are to take comfort in knowing that they are looking out and over us.

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this article. Our baby, Moshe bar Binyamin v'Yehudit Keren, was born June 5, 7557, and sadly died 76 hours later. Our rabbi came to name him at the NICU while his life waned on life support. l know that indeed Moshe never received the "full measure" of his soul because l believe that Hashem kept our baby's soul close, to lessen the suffering our newborn felt during the short time with us. Shalom.

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I would like to know the meaning of the name Bernice, which is my name and also one of my daughters? My mother loved the name, because it was different from all others, and the nurse who was at my delivery was named Bernice. I know it is a Hebrew name. Please help? I never really liked it, because it wasn't a popular name. Thank You very much..

Other symbols to look at: The burning torch. It 8767 s blowing in the 8766 right direction, it means liberty/freedom, it 8767 s light where there may be darkness, significant for inalienable rights as a human or child of God, it has the word 8766 One 8767 on it significant for individual, you or I.

Being at peace with the eventual demise of our loved ones, ourselves. Hoping or believing there is something-someone on the other side. Continued communication with those who are gone. And keeping my mind open to the possibility that we continue after we leave this world has kept me focused on how happy and at peace everyone must be.

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