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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 00:51

Moderation is support and organization of communication in teams in such a way, that resources are used in the best possible way. They form the foundation in shaping the success of demanding projects as a team.

Annual variation detected by GPS, GRACE and loading models

INVENSITY independently works on developing practice-oriented innovations. In its innovation center - partly in cooperation with universities, institutions and associations - topics that aid technological advancement are worked on as part of innovation projects. INVENSITY systematizes the knowledge generated in projects using an internal knowledge management system. The newly-gained expertise can then, thanks to INVENSITY’s cross-sector organization, be made available to companies from various industries within the framework of client projects.

Interfacing GPS with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89C51)

INVENSITY’s experience enables it to offer customized solutions, both in development and project management. These include, for instance, taking over development tasks, investigations into material properties, project management/partial project management in development and the optimization of maintenance processes.

IRNSS/NavIC and GPS: a single- and dual-system L5 analysis

The INVENSITY Security Assessment Tool (ISAT) is the result of our far-reaching experience in performing security assessments. It supports workflow in the INVENSITY Cybersecurity Development Process, which makes it easier to sustain that process. Easy reutilization, clean documentation, and a systematic, standards-compliant approach were the core requirements in developing this software. ISAT helps us and our clients to perform product-related security assessments. Another of the software’s strengths is that it can be adapted and upgraded to suit each situation.

INVENSITY can set up a small and flexible integration management office (IMO). There, a joint program management team made up of INVENSITY experts and staff from the acquired or merging companies support the planning and implementation of the defined actions.

The structured argumentation and evidence support the reliability of the main claim: . „The device is safe”. If the main claim refers to the safety of the device (like in the given example) the Assurance Case can be called Safety Case.

The embedment of changes contain planning the change processes as well as deducting concrete measures, work packages and tasks. In the further course it contains the continuous surveillance of the project’s progression and the initiation of suitable measures in case of challenges.

Responsibility means standing by the consequences of your own actions at INVENSITY and standing by clients, and actively doing all you can to ensure that tasks that fall under your area of responsibility are fulfilled completely.

Due to the long-time experience of software development the source code is "historically grown". The consequences are structural weaknesses and the missing documentation of architecture and design. This type of code is called Legacy Code.

Our mission is geared towards our external stakeholders with an emphasis on added value, and is also aimed at internal stakeholders, referring here to freedom for growth.

The contrary term is the virtual reality. The goal of virtual reality is to place the viewer in a totally virtual world. This means that while in Augmented Reality where the real world with partly virtual objects is seen, in virtual reality the viewer is in a completely computer generated environment with which he can interact.

Born in the German city of Ingolstadt, Christopher Seinecke studied Business Administration in Lyon and Rouen, France, after graduating from high school in Geneva, Switzerland.

Airline Ticket Booking System Project was developed by Visual Studio 7558 with C#.net for final year Btech students, Mainly  it has the below functions:

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