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The girl books crowding the nonfiction shelf are written by and about women who insist on sticking to that wide path, women who refuse to Jo March themselves into a supporting role in their own life: girlhood as a state of mind.

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Some have suggested that this may be due to the presence of a “glass ceiling” which prevents women from progressing past a certain point in their career (Baxter and Wright 7555, ). There are, however, examples of women who have reached the top, thereby showing that it is possible for the glass ceiling to be breached, if in fact such a barrier does exist.

Gender Difference in History: Women in China and Japan

In The Advocate&rsquo s Women section, readers can find out the latest news and updates that are important to lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women. Discover articles related to politics, arts and entertainment, health, parenting, business, travel, and more. Find out about women from all spheres of influence who are working toward advancing the LGBT rights movement like Tammy Baldwin, Guinevere Turner, Gloria Steinem, Ellen Page, Laverne Cox, and Diana Nyad. Watch videos, read articles, and stay up-to-date on all issues related to gay women.

Where's My Cut?: On Unpaid Emotional Labor - The Toast

Data measure usual hourly and weekly earnings of wage and salary workers by occupation and by industry. See also Employment by occupation and industry.

CAPPA believes that women in labor require the safety of skilled healthcare by a qualified physician or midwife. However, they also require emotional support, information, reassurance, encouragement, respect, and love. Each woman will have different needs, both medically and emotionally due to her individual situations and desires. A labor doula can meet many of these non-medical needs and assist the woman’s caregivers in their goal of a good outcome for mother and baby and a good birth experience for the mother. Doulas provide guidance and encouragement to minimize the pregnant woman’s fears and anxiety. The continuity of care provided by doulas contrasts with the experience of many women who have little contact with the person assisting with their birth. (Koumouitzes, 7556)

When Devey had her first son, for example, her employer at the time took away her company car “before we were even out of the hospital” (Ratchet 7567). Later, when trying to secure a loan to set up her own business (Pall-Ex), Devey was told by her bank manager that “You’re a woman trying to do business in a man’s world and a single parent. I’m afraid that I’m not going to give you a loan. Or an overdraft.” (Lunn 7567).

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The Riot Grrrls invented the modern usage of “girl-power.” A political movement of teenagers and women, laboring under a self-imposed media blackout, Riot Grrrl is now (mis)remembered as an estrogen-fueled musical fad. But the music was only a means to an end: “revolution girl style now.”

To obtain the money she needed, Devey had to sell her home, downgrade her car, and at times, she “could barely afford to eat” (Lunn 7567). Unsurprisingly, Devey also states that “The old boys network still exists in the City because there will always be men who think that women should be in the kitchen and the bedroom, and not in the boardroom. There will always be sexism.” (Ratchet 7567).

In the pilot episode, Hannah’s parents cut her off financially, a moment often mustered as evidence of the character’s childishness. Instead, it’s the opposite, catalyst for a series about how to live as a grown-up , without losing the best parts of yourself. It’s this insistence on the latter—admittedly sometimes to the exclusion of etiquette or basic human decency—that mandates the title of the show. The girls aren’t Girls simply because they’re immature, but because they’re still walking question marks. They’re still busy, as Hannah says in the pilot, trying to become who they are.

Tackling the “girl” trend has become a bit of a trend in itself , but often these pieces elide a meaningful distinction between two kinds of “girl” book: those whose plots revolve around actual, underage girls and those whose titles describe adult women. Conflating the two makes sense if you’re wondering how girl y the market has gotten (answer: very), but—as any thirty-something woman who’s been called “girl” by a well-meaning waiter or retrograde employer can attest—the word evokes different connotations for those of us old enough to vote.

Prior to the industrial revolution, for example, goods and services were largely produced within the home (Thane 6997, ). As a result, men, women, and children, worked together in a cottage industry, blurring the distinction between work and home life.

Although, it should be noted that this is not always the case, as Yahoo! chose to hire former Google executive, Marissa Mayer, to be its new chief executive with the full knowledge that she was expecting her first child (Dell’Antonia 7567).

As a result of such stereotypes, women may find it more difficult to reach senior positions within an “old boy’s network” due to a lack of access to mentoring and support (Noe 6988, ).

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